Find Yourself at Home in a New Stage of Life


As life changes, your home and your lifestyle can feel out of sync.

  • Families grow and then grow up - so you need the right amount of space at the right time.
  • The home layout that works for one season of life doesn't work for the next.
  • Your commitments and preferences are different now, shifting your ideal location.
  • Looking around at an outdated house has you dreaming of an upgrade.

Your new home will be the setting for what's next in life.

Let's get you there without looking back.

The perfect fit

Nothing beats waking up each day in a home that feels just right. To get you there, we'll start by weighing what matters most for today and the near future. Then we'll explore your options - including early information on upcoming properties.

An expertly guided experience

We do everything possible to ensure a smooth journey to your next home. We want you to feel relaxed, informed and never rushed. When the right opportunity presents itself, we'll move quickly and efficiently, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Your best price

Our homes are our sanctuary and our most significant financial asset. So let Dave analyze what's happening in the market at this moment. Then, whether buying or selling, we'll strategize pricing and negotiation. You'll have confidence in strong value without leaving any extra money on the table.

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Searching for your next home

"Buying or selling a home often marks a transition in life. It's a time where we reflect on how far we've come while anticipating what's ahead."

Dave Linklater

Linklater real estate

We help buyers and sellers find the perfect fit for a new stage of life.

We've been where you are - feeling ready for a change, something more suitable for your lifestyle, or maybe an upgrade. A property that serves new needs and satisfies different wants. Straddling these chapters of life can bring excitement and apprehension, especially if it's been a while since your last move.

We've been where you are and remember the pressure and frustration of living in a house that felt cramped and poorly suited to our changing family. But once we found that ideal solution, it felt like life opened up again. It's incredibly refreshing (and relieving) to find a perfect place to live out both the big moments and the day-to-day that mark the different seasons of life.

Our promise to you: we work to reduce the stress of this significant transition with honest advice, diligent service and a patient, smooth process.

Dave Linklater,

For over 16 years, Dave has been digging into the details to help clients buy and sell confidently. He evaluates with deep market knowledge and sources homes with solid market and construction value. With conscientious care and research, he's built a strong foundation of happy clients who regularly send friends and family his way

Cheryl Linklater,
Director of Client Care

Working in unison with Dave, Cheryl's eye for detail ensures nothing is overlooked. As the Director of Client Care, Cheryl plays a significant role in creating a seamless, relational experience. She's always happy to answer your questions and clarify any steps throughout your transaction.

Meet My TEAM

Dave A. Linklater



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Client Name



Kind words from happy clients

You know how sometimes, when you meet someone, you just know they're a good, decent person? That was my experience when I first met Dave. He didn't disappoint either. My first impression was spot on. Just as important, he proved to be an outstanding realtor . . with invaluable knowledge and experience. I would recommend Dave, in a heartbeat, to anyone looking for a realtor.

Heather M.

This was the second time that we worked with Dave on real estate transactions in St. Albert. Dave has in depth knowledge of this market which allowed us to make informed decisions on both the sale of our existing home and the purchase of our new home. Cheryl provided excellent support in communicating open houses and in dealing with the administrative support for closing the deals in a very timely and efficient manner. They are a strong team, and we would definitely work with them again!

Doug & Linda R.

Every good relationship starts with a conversation.

1. Reach out

Call, text or e-mail Dave for a chat about your next move. Tell us what's stirring in you and how we can help make things go smoothly.

2. Put us to work

We'll diligently research, advise and guide you through the process. Let us reduce your stress with information and communication. We're here to lead you through each step along the way to yournew home.

3. Plan your next chapter

Settle into life in your new home confident that you make the right move at the right time with no regrets.

You deserve a home that celebrates how far you've come and sets you up to enjoy what's ahead.

At Linklater Real Estate, we know you want to wake up every day in a house that feels just right. But our needs and preferences change through the seasons of life. So we shouldn't be surprised when, as life and family evolve, we feel restless and itching for something different in a house. We believe your home should be a perfect fit for the life you live today.

Moving houses is a big decision, and your wish list reflects what matters to you now and as you look ahead. With patience and diligence, we'll guide you through the process. You don't need to worry about missing an opportunity or a detail.

So if a new season of life has you dreaming about a change of address, start by calling Dave. We know you want to make this a significant transition with no regrets. We're here to help make that happen.

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